Environmental policy

Green policy statements that are currently accepted by MOKKIO

MOKKIO is committed to leading the industry in minimising the impact of its activities on the environment. We had developed environmental friendly strategy and implemented it in all our business processes.

The key points of our strategy are:

Green efforts

We built the innovation website hosted platform MOKKIO which has the most optimized structure and workflow parameters. Thanks for such an effort we can decrease the number of servers in the cluster and save much more resources. Another big effort is using a cloud architecture which can balance the hardware loading preventing from spreading the resources for unusable accounts.

100% Green Electricity

MOKKIO servers are powered by hydropower. Our respectable datacenter partner Hetzner Online is exclusively using renewable energy sources by TÜV-certified NaturEnergie AG, who generates green energy from 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower. The energy created by flowing water is considered ecologically to be the best form of power generation for the environment.

Paper-free workflow

In MOKKIO office we're using internal collaboration system and e-workflow systems connected with Customer Portal. Every our customer receive monthly e-Bills by email, if you're sending a fax message to us be sure we'll receive it electronically too ;-) Our motherland Estonia is the world leader in e-Technologies and we're implementing most of them in our allday life to be in harmony with nature.


We're conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling materials, purchasing recycled materials, and using recyclable packaging and other materials. Minimizing waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.

Being Happy Together

MOKKIO actively promote it's product for the audience as a 100% green. Together we can minimize the environmental impact. Raising awareness, we encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters.