All you need to build the website which rocks just... web browser
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Designer tools

Advanced template system allows graphic designers to easily transform default designs into fully branded templates. You can implement fully custom design or order slicing your PSD to XHTML.

Typography Module

MOKKIO Typography Module replaces quotation marks, spaces and some special chars of content in their correct html entities. A website looks much better with the right typography.

Server reliable platform with cloud infrastructure

As a platform base we use today’s hottest trend, cloud computing. We linked a large group of servers through high-speed networks to create a massive server farm where we store your websites.

Social Networks Integration

Social Networks Integration is the most effective and affordable way to promote your website while gaining the ability to spread your information across many of Social Networks with a single click.

Easy Tree Menu

An easy-to-use hierarchical tree for clear website management enables you to browse your structure and quickly switch between pages. User-friendly interface allows instant access to any page from any page.

Help videos

Help videos will give you an overview of all necessary functions. MOKKIO videos are great for non-advanced users. Forget boring manuals, all you need have been captured on video already ;-)

100% Green Power

MOKKIO servers are powered by hydropower. The energy created by flowing water is considered ecologically to be the best form of power generation for the environment.

1-Click Publishing

We give you ability to publish instantly your content into website article feeds with a single click. Just select, paste, publish and promote.

Built-in Customer Relationship

Boost your sales and improve customer satisfaction with built-in mailer. You can track and reply to the customer inquiries directly from the website backend.

Language Packs

You can use your native language pack. MOKKIO is available now in: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and many others.

SEO friendly

MOKKIO is totally SEO friendly with W3C standards based mark-up, SEO URLs, META tags editing and other tools to make you sure with high ranks.

Customer Portal 24x7x365

Our Customer Portal provides you support services and assistance for better using of our platform and AddOns. It's also a facility for us to get closer to our customers and to improve MOKKIO in answer to your feedbacks.