Maintaining your websites from anywhere in few easy clicks

MOKKIO Platform was developed by Matimex European Networks, web development company located in Europe. Matimex was founded in May, 2001 as a web development unit. We began developing web applications for FMCG and Hi-Tech industries. Having years in web industry with more than 1000 projects done and 100,000 hrs in R&D projects, we released MOKKIO, the most optimized platform for small and middle companies. MOKKIO's best efforts in maintaining website by non-advanced administrator, social tools integration and other up-to-date technologies which can be applied in several clicks.

Since the beginning, we have focused on providing the best usability design. In MOKKIO we pay attention to system operational parameters and ensure that it is clear and simple. Our strategy is to achieve the best usability characteristics. This strategy is based on permanent user tests handled by UI-labs. We use MOKKIO in our projects by ourselves, this website is also powered by MOKKIO.

We provide sophisticated functionality and usability in our website management platform MOKKIO to many organizations around the world. That is effectiveness proof and confirmed by leadership companies and most of our customers worldwide. We have already localised platform into the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Estonian, Spain and looking ahead ;-)

Our head office is located in Tallinn, Estonia. Estonia is known as a birthplace of Skype internet voice communications, Kazaa file-sharing system, Playtech and many other hi-tech companies. Actually, Estonia with 1.3 million people has a secret magnet thanks for it investment climate for high-tech companies, so it earned the sobriquet "E-stonia. "

MOKKIO advantages

No software to buy, nothing to install

You don't need anything to install onto your computer. MOKKIO will run straight from your browser window when you log into your administration interface. You can use your favourite operation system and browser. The subscription fees can be paid on a monthly basis, without the need to purchase the software licenses outright, it is easy to company budget and friendly to operational budget costs.

No computer specific

MOKKIO is not a computer platform specific software. And it does not matter whether the computer you are using runs on an Apple Mac OS, Linux or Windows – as long as you are able to use a browser and access the internet then you can use MOKKIO. This makes it far easier to switch platforms if you desire.

Automatic Upgrades

You always have the latest version when you login to your MOKKIO administration interface. Never again will you need to worry about your software becoming obsolete and unsupported by the company you purchased it from.

Maintain your site from anywhere

Get the freedom which gives you MOKKIO, you can update your website anywhere and anytime you choose. All of the website data you use within the MOKKIO software is stored on the MOKKIO cloud servers and you can login to your account wherever you are in the world and access it instantly. It also ensures that your data is in the safe place and monitored by support technicals 24x7.

Get 24h support at no additional cost

Support is included with the monthly subscription fee. Anytime, anywhere access to our Customer Portal and get live support. Spend less time on managing your application and more time on your core business, doing what you are good at.

No commitment

If MOKKIO no longer meets your needs, you can cancel the service and switch to a different solution. No commitment, no losses with wasted license fees.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide our customers' user-friendly hosted service for effective website management.

MOKKIO philosophy

  • 1. Focusing on the customer
  • 2. Software as a service
  • 3. Great product has great support (all inclusive)

EU Office

Business reg.code: 11909400
VAT Nr.: EE101472980
Region: European Union

Company address:

EU, Estonia,
Tallinn, 10613,
Mooni 18

Support Portal for customer support inquiries: click here